Always intended to research your family history but never have the time or do not know where to start?

Have parents or grandparents bugging you to do the family tree?

Need a very personalised gift for a baby or a wedding?

Grantshire Genealogy is London based; its research services cover the British Isles. Our new website is currently under construction, but please feel free to contact us with details of your research needs, or to request a copy of our brochure.

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"Grantshire Genealogy provided a fantastic service when researching my family history. They provided a very quick service following our initial discussion and I was so pleased that I'm looking forward to researching the next part of our family history." December 2010

"Grantshire Genealogy has done an exceptional job tracing my birth family history. Their service includes finding previously unknown relatives, providing family tree charts, sourcing birth, death certificates etc. They are very professional and approach their work with tremendous 2ensitivity, in sometimes awkward or difficult situations. I will be continuing to use them for further research." October 2010

"I used Grantshire Genealogy's services following a personal recommendation and they did not disappoint, producing a quality report, within agreed budget and saving me hours of work. They are very thorough and take pride in the end result." March 2, 2011